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Our Mission

“To be one of the leading software company.”

Easy Software Pvt ltd aims to provide creative and easy software for companies and other association. Our mission is to become a brand that you bond to most and help create customer loyalty. Our criterion for success is how well we are in attaining that mission. We believe in becoming a leading organization by providing the best software. We prefer your feedbacks, suggestions, comments for the betterment of our products and services.

Easysoft.com mission is "Easy soft"

  • E= Effectiveness in software
  • A= Advanced services and products
  • S= Simplicity in work
  • Y= Young and energetic developers
  • S= Smart and successful thinking
  • O= Ongoing software in market recently
  • F= Future oriented
  • T= Trusted technology

Our Products


EasySoft Banking Software

This software can be used in Financial Institute/Co-operative. In this software we can maintain account, do the deposit, take the loan, check the share and can maintain salary sheet as well.We can calculate the interest of loan/depositor and share division.It is ease to maintain the report of division co-operative report, copomis /Kym.

  • Accessed both online/offline

EasySoft School/College Software

This software can be used in academic sectors i.e School/College.In this software you can create the school account, do the billing, create the marksheet, inventory and can maintain salary sheet.Student can access it from home to check every detail via mobile application or website.Every term markhsheet can be available ,student can pay bill via online.

  • Accessed both online/offline

EasySoft Accounting Software

In this software one can see the detail information of account and stock needed for business house.We can check the voucher, ledger trial balance, balance sheet and many more. And in case of stock one can check business analysis, stock order, non- sales product, vat report ,sales/purchase invoice and stock balance .

  • Accessed both online/offline

EasySoft Khanepani Software

This software is used in Khanepani organization. Here, we can create a bill, can do meter reading via mobile and maintain the detail info of accounting system and stock.We can collect the customer cash uploaded in the bill and show the customer due as well.There is voucher, ledger and balance sheet in the main account.Creating bill of goods and maintaining stock record is possible in inventory.

  • Accessed both online/offline

Mobile Application

About us

We’re continually developing new, better ways to give security to your data and create faultless software experiences.

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